Along side our interactive storytelling performances addressing themes of resilience, health and wellbeing, mental wellness, Citizenship, Eco awareness that can be tailored to your own school’s needs we have three brand new Macastory shows ready for the 2020 session:


Macastory’s Monster Mash Up!  Is an exciting collection of monster myths…



JOURNEY TO THE AFTERLIFE: The Tale of Tippy Tippy Tep Tep

focuses on Ancient Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife…


Tam O’Shanter, A Horse’s Tale ! explores the background to Burn’s greatest poem then launches into a fast paced interactive retelling…


Each performance can be booked along with creative writing workshops that allow learners and teachers to take the excitement and energy of our live performance into the classroom!


Below you’ll find a synopsis of each show… looking forward to hearing from you soon!




Macastory are making a monster: a monster of a story that is! Take the horns of a Minotaur, the hooves of a Kelpie... then dance with a Demon King and you have one hairy-scary monstrous storytelling session on your hands! Our interactive re-tellings of monster myths from round the world inspire excitement in story and are a great way to get learners reading, writing and telling their own monstrous tales!



Travel 3000 years into the past and journey with Tippy Tippy Tep Tep… into the Afterlife! High Priest Amron will be your guide as you follow Tippy Tippy Tep Tep on his final, most wondrous journey... You’ll hear the tale of the first mummy then discover Egyptian beliefs of life and death as you help write spells for Tippy’s Book of the Dead that will overcome oceans of fire and terrifying animal headed gods as he heads to the Field of Reids … Historic themed storytelling that fires the imagination of young learners to discover how people lived and died in ancient times.




Tam O’Shanter, A Horse’s Tale !

 The year is 1790 and Rabbie Burns has fallen on hard times… but then he has an idea for his greatest poem ever! Taking inspiration from the supernatural stories of his mother’s cousin auld Betty Davidson, Rabbie weaves a tale of suspense and frights!

Macastory tell of Burn’s life as a poet then bring to young audiences their own version of the greatest ghost story ever written!