BannockBunkum! Bruce and Eddie and the Wars of Independence

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The Twa Rabbies


The Twa Rabbies

This fun-filled show has not one but TWO Rabbie Burns’s claiming to be the real McCoy! We let the audience decide who is telling the truth as the Rabbies tell outrageous tall tales of their amazing adventures and perform songs and verses from the Bard himself!



Caddy Capers

It is the 1700s and Scotland is changing! Roddie and Rory, two Edinburgh street caddies tell of their encounters with the guid and grand of Edinburgh’s changing society during the time of the Enlightenment… Meet rogues like Burke and Hare ,Deacon Brodie and geniuses, fishwives and a whole host of amazing characters as we explore how a city changed the world!



The True Tales of the Wars of Independence


So you think you know the true tales of Bruce and Wallace? We’ll send you homeward to think again! Macastory’s historical research team have uncovered the startling truth behind the exploits of Scotland’s two great heroes… hear never before heard stories of how the Wars of Independence were fought and won while joining in with sing-a-long songs and battle re-enactments! 

The Caddies are here! Which way to Enlightenment Sir?