Our Year

We have been on the road a lot these last few years and    we were asked to be involved in so many great projects that allowed us to create more characters and stories .We started the year with Unique Events in Red Red Rose Street performing our take on the national bard Rabbie Burns.Then it was into the Spring at the National Mseum of Scotland  with Wellpeckit and Smyth the Victorian photographers and detectives bringing Victoriana and fun to their audience. The Summer saw a visit to Fergus's  'hame toon o Cumbie ,thats Cumbernauld to the rest of us, and the EIBF Reimagination Festival . Mid summer saw us back into the NMS and our Egyptian Book of the Dead show 'Tippy Tippy Tep Tep'! We had great fun with this show and we both learnt a lot about the Egyptian way of life and rituals ,its a great show for primary schools !

We were again this year involved in the Summer Reading Challenge in libraries all over Scotland and this years theme was 'Animal Detectives'. Mmmm, I think we know a story o two about animals, and we were once again lucky enough to be guests at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.By Autumn we were back at the National Libray for a trip to Antartica with Ernest Shacklton and his crew, what an incredible story that is, fantastic.Finally we reached the Festive period and this years  new Panto performance called the Tower of Malice wich featured a Troll with an amazing likeness to a certain President of the USA,great fun. Throughout the year we  visited schools all over the country and performed a mixture of shows and delivered workshops on a variety of topics that included ,among others, Health and well being ,Transition,Emotional  resiliance, Food production,World of Work and our current project about carbon awareness for the Greening Gorebridge trust.We are very much looking forward  as already our diary has some great projects to look forward to including another Reimagination festival , this time a visit to Glenrothes , the SRC and the EIBF.

Thanks to everyone wo has supported us over the years and  we hope we get a chance to meet  you again  soon  Cheers, Ron & Ferg aka Macastory !